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Notes of bulletin board and chat

The bulletin board and the chat about this site are used to deepen the exchange of the fan happily.
Not writing the article which corresponds as follows. I will occasionally delete it when published.

  • Content different from fact written to cheat third party
  • Third party's right is violated, and the one to do the criticism slander.
  • The one which remarkably contradicts public order common good
  • It is the related one in the one or criminality in contradiction to the law.
  • The one to impair other people' feelings
  • The one of content remarkably far apart from theme
  • Additionally, the one to disturb management of this homepage

The deletion request of the article which corresponds to the above-mentioned is received in the transmission form.
Because the manager does a final judgment concerning the article deletion
Please your contribution might not anticipate and it be deleted but acknowledge it.

About this homepage

This homepage has been completely non-profit-making managed by the purpose of offering the place and information on meeting and the exchange of people who assist in GotoMaki.
Necessary information for the fan as even a new-fledged person can exchange it readily and equally is made to be able to be known at once as a data base even in first one. The promotion system dares not to be used in the bulletin board.

Moreover, this site confirms the operation by version 4.0 or more of InternetExplorer and Netscape Navigator. I will recommend inspection by the Java script effective more than 800:600 display resolution pixels moreover.

We will wait for the opinion and the inquiry of this site by the transmission form.