Easily explains the GotoMaki mailing list.

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What is the mailing list?

E-mail is used and many systems which can do communications as the person. Mailing List is abbreviated and it is called ML.
When E-mail is sent to a decided mail address, the same mail as all participating members is copied, and it is sent and drinking to put it briefly. The conversation which uses E-mail repeating this is advanced.

We will inform only the participant of the part of xxx to prevent advertising mail from the outside etc.

- Do to participate in the GotoMaki mailing list?

The participation condition to the GotoMaki mailing list
You must like GotoMaki.
You must have your E-mail address.

It is only drinking 2.
To participate
1. Please fill in your mail address and name on the registration form, and push the registration button.
2. E-mail that registration URL is written in your mail address is transmitted.
3. When you accesses the URL, it is registration completion. Welcamumessage is transmitted at once automatically.

It is possible to do according to the procedure as which the deletion is the same.

- Do to speak by the GotoMaki mailing list?

E-mail begins to reach from the mailing list when participating in the mailing list. Let's speak by the mailing list when the atmosphere of the mailing list can be gripped by reading E-mail. Speaking is ring very phlegm. New mail is made to the mail address the contribution the mailing list ahead or it only replies to the E-mail which came from the mailing list as it is. Please do "Nice to meet you" and an easy self introduction.
Let's write be not to interesting the answer in the E-mail of the person who thought afterwards and participate in the topic. Your E-mail reaches all members only by transmitting E-mail. It is likely to throb a little first. However, let's talk to in E-mail when the atmosphere of the mailing list is understood because it participated with great pains. Happiness different from the time nothing but read is there if participating.

- Do you note it by the GotoMaki mailing list?

There are some regulations in this mailing list to exchange all happily.

It is difficult what but; E-mail by which the stranger has unpleasant time rises happily without sending it to put it briefly by the topic by GotoMaki. Thus, it does.

Then, we will wait sincerely for your participation.

To the registration form

It receives it with E-mail when there is something question.